Choose the right radio when you driving your car will be more helpful.

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The Benefits of a DVD Player in Your Car

This accessory must ensure that the kids stay entertained and occupied enough so that they don’t bother you as you drive since even the slightest of distractions might lead to huge mistakes. Here, we realize the help that a DVD player can provide for the car. A car DVD player usually fits on the inner […]

A guide to getting between Apple Carplay and the iDrive system


Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 produced from July 2016 (vintage 2017 therefore) will be equipped with the new Idrive 5 appeared with the new 7 G11 series X5 and X6 will have the touch screen of the 7 series. You can also read the article about the Android autoradio avec GPS here. For the […]

How to Connect Your Android Radio to Your Car

Sometimes your Android radio may be getting radio channels that your cars audio system may not be getting. The only problem is that when you are driving, you cannot put on your headphones and listen to the radio. It is completely unsafe, so don’t even think about it. But if your heart is set on […]

Opportunities with the 207 radio

Driving and having fun, it’s quite possible with a car radio for Peugeot 207 to innovative technology. It is common to say that driving is serious business. It is legitimate, although a little distraction does not default. How to find a balance between the two? Get a car stereo 207. Driver is not always easy, […]