Choose the right radio when you driving your car will be more helpful.

The Benefits of a DVD Player in Your Car

This accessory must ensure that the kids stay entertained and occupied enough so that they don’t bother you as you drive since even the slightest of distractions might lead to huge mistakes. Here, we realize the help that a DVD player can provide for the car.

A car DVD player usually fits on the inner roof of your vehicle or the dashboard or even replaces the car stereo system with GPS. It works like any DVD player. The audio output connects to the sound system of your vehicle, while the DVD system connects to a power source to give smooth, continuous playback and an amazing user experience.

Top Picks

Now that we’ve discussed the main benefits of a DVD player for your car, let’s introduce you to some of the best products among the numerous DVD players.

Planet Audio P9640B

This is a brilliant all-in-one product including a DVD playing option for your car. It features a 6.2-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 and MP4 playback, and an SD slot to allow multiple sources of audio/video input.

It is important to know that this post is compatible with Apple Carplay.

Pioneer AVH-170DVD

The Pioneer AVH-170DVD is an excellent DVD player for your car, and it features a 6.2-inch touchscreen that plays at a 16:2 ratio for crystal clear display. This product also features a USB port and an AUX port so that you can connect media to it with ease.

Boss Audio BV11.2MC

This is one of the best overhead systems with a spectacular 11.2-inch screen of a 1024 x 600 resolution. The Boss Audio BV11.2MC is a brilliant DVD player for your car since it also features an infrared transmitter that allows easy streaming. Adding to all these features, this DVD player comes in different colors and designs so that it can fit well in the interior of your car.


This is a headrest DVD player for your car and features a 7-inch LCD screen with incredible DVD playback and an impressive display. The product also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack for quiet listening, and you can also use a flash memory card or a CD as media sources.

Alpine PKG-RSE2

Another incredible overhead DVD player for your car as well as an FM modulator, which provides ease of watching movies, listening to music, and playing games for quality entertainment.


There are a lot of options of DVD players to choose from. One can make a choice between headrest players, overhead systems, or even those that are installed on your dashboard. Depending on your vehicle and requirements, you can easily choose the best DVD player for your car.

A guide to getting between Apple Carplay and the iDrive system

Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 produced from July 2016 (vintage 2017 therefore) will be equipped with the new Idrive 5 appeared with the new 7 G11 series
X5 and X6 will have the touch screen of the 7 series.

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For the Apple Car play, it will be available from September 2017, and can be subscribed directly from The Connected Drive for July and August productions, I think due to the release of iOS 10.

Android autoradio avec gps: enjoy the various advantages that the device brings you

Car trips do not have much to do with what we could offer you a few years ago. This is mainly due to the fact that the car manufacturers have taken care to constantly look for other possibilities for their vehicles. The android car radio reflects this development effort by seeing the addition of innovative features for relaxation and driving assistance.

Driving with comfort with an Android car radio

The world of the car has profoundly revolutionized the lives of many people of all countries by allowing to quickly go from one place to another. There is no end to progress, however, and manufacturers have been faced with new criteria for the use of their cars. Many people wanted to feel more comfortable walking the roads on their cars. Several changes have been made to this end, including in this case the addition of an android car radio.

The goal pursued with an android car radio was to offer a good and fit radio inside the car. Drivers used them to listen to their favorite stations or play music via an eight-track. The technology of these autos has changed a bit over time to allow the management of other reading devices. Manufacturers first added a CD player to their model. These were still audio discs, but support for MP3 compilations was made possible shortly thereafter.

Devices that can be associated with an Android car radio

Those who benefit from Android autoradio avec GPS can not grasp such limited possibilities with regard to all the solutions they have at their fingertips. Multimedia entertainment represents a major aspect of the innovations accomplished on the current android auto autoradios. This includes playing video files on a DVDROM or other digital media such as a USB flash drive or an SD card. It is even possible to have the TV on the touch screen in HD of the car accessory. All you have to do is add a DTT or satellite dish and the right decoder.

Manufacturers are always going further in terms of convenience by developing two concepts to connect the android car radio to the internet. The most logical solution is to connect the android car radio to an existing Wifi network. The built-in WiFi sensor is usually very efficient, which should provide adequate coverage. The other option works on the basis of the USB port. The latter is not only defined for reading files via a USB key, but also the connection of a 3G key.

For personal information, discover on all the information concerning modern modern car equipment.

An easy-to-navigate device with convenient controls

Some people do not have a GPS system for entertainment. This equipment would rather serve them to navigate more easily in their vehicle. The term android car radio raises indeed that it is an essential complement to the navigation. With all the POIs already stored in the equipment, you can set up a circuit to follow to reach several places on your trip like bistros, shops, tourist sites, etc.

Also note that the android car stereo is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that shows its usefulness when you need to make calls or send messages while driving. Bluetooth’s AD2P technology offers the possibility of uninterrupted music streaming through the smartphone associated with the equipment according to the best web agency. The Bluetooth option also allows you to directly retrieve the list of contacts on your Smartphone without you having to let go of the steering wheel.

How to Connect Your Android Radio to Your Car

Sometimes your Android radio may be getting radio channels that your cars audio system may not be getting. The only problem is that when you are driving, you cannot put on your headphones and listen to the radio. It is completely unsafe, so don’t even think about it. But if your heart is set on listening to that radio instead of the usual one in your car, you may want to consider connecting your Android radio to your car’s audio system.

This is the best option for you to use as there is no need for you to establish a wired connection. Many new autoradio 2 din-gps car audio systems now come with a Bluetooth option. Though the disadvantage is that the distance between your phone and the audio system has to be short, the connection is easy to establish and is uninterrupted.

Once you have made the Bluetooth on your phone discoverable by going into the settings of your phone and selecting the Bluetooth settings on it, search for your car’s connection and make a connection with it. After it has been paired together, you can turn on your radio and enjoy it.

Another drawback to using your Bluetooth is that it majorly impacts your battery life. However, the pro in this situation is that you will not need to find and establish the same connection the next time as it can be paired automatically.

An analog cable is one of the easiest ways to establish a connection between your phone and your autoradio gps {fr shop} audio system. All you have to do is plug in one part of the cable into your car’s audio system and the other part into your cell phone. The connection is automatically set up after that; you will not need to fiddle around with anything. All you need to do then is turn on your radio and let it play your song.

The only disadvantage is that if you get a call or a text, the sound of that notification can be heard through your car’s system. Also, with an analog cable, you get to have two volume controls. You can either use the one on your phone or the one on your audio system.

If you have an old-school audio system which does not come with a port for the analog cable but has a cassette player, you can use the cheap cassette analog cables. It is basically a cable connected to a cassette which, once inserted in your system, can connect with your phone and work in almost the same way.

If only our cars also had Wi-Fi, it would have solved so many problems. However, since that is not so easy to set up, the above methods are what you have got. You can choose whichever way you feel is the easiest for you. Happy listening!

Opportunities with the 207 radio

Driving and having fun, it’s quite possible with a car radio for Peugeot 207 to innovative technology. It is common to say that driving is serious business. It is legitimate, although a little distraction does not default. How to find a balance between the two? Get a car stereo 207.

Peugeot 207

Driver is not always easy, especially when we have to manage between the stress of daily life and that of the road. To lighten the mood, your multimedia station can play your iPod playlist or tracks you have stored on the internal charger. The Double area allows you to simultaneously play a DVD to auxiliary screens without interrupting listening to your songs. With the GPS, your trip is well defined and you are likely to meet the blocked areas.